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Sherman Radio is a Variety Station Featuring Artists from Sherman, Connecticut and the Surrounding Region

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Radio Garden

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My Tuner

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Coming Soon
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The Artists

Nick Arne Photo.jpg
John John Brown Photo.jpg

Nick Arne

BIll Buttner Photo.jpeg
Charlie Cody Photo.png

Bill Buttner

John John Brown

Equinox Photo_edited.jpg


Charlie Cody

Coming Soon
Kristi Flagg Photo.jpg
Richie Hart Photo.webp

Kristi Flagg

Melanie Fernandi

John Kane Photo.jpg
Bernie Kaplan.jpg

John Kane

Coming Soon

Richie Hart

Steve Katz Photo.jpeg

Charlie Karp

Bernie Kaplan

Coming Soon
Mike Latini Photo.jpg

Mike Latini

Steve Katz

Dan Lavoie Photo.jpg
Don Lowe Photo.jpg

Dan Lavoie

Delusions of Grandeur

Coming Soon
Lumos Photo.jpg
George Mallas Photo.jpg


Don Lowe

Holley McCreary Photo.jpg

Nic Mars - The Adventures of Lunar Coyote

Coming Soon

George Mallas

Mighty Plowboys Photo.jpg
Missy and Bill Photo_edited.jpg

Mighty Plowboys

Holley McCreary

New Middle Class wedding tie-dye.jpg
Potters Field Cropped_edited.jpg

New Middle Class

Missy and Bill

David Ray Photo.jpg
Glenn Roth.jpg

David Ray

Potter's Field

Untitled design (24).png
Shrdlu Ashe Photo.jfif

The Shermans

Coming Soon

Glenn Roth

Mike 1a.png

Mike Trisain


Ryan Weber

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Sherman, CT

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